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List of the documentation to produce


Previous sale deed (deed of acquisition or inheritance return)

·         If present, refer the copy of preliminary sale contract; in case was registered, payout of the tax for any advances or deposits paid, to charge to final taxes for the deed of sale.

·         Identity card and tax number of the buyer and of the selling party.

·          Marital status of all the parties, therefore certificate of single status, certificate of widowhood or extract from the marriage registration issued by the municipality where the same was contracted. 

·          In case of kinship between the parties, indicate the degree

·          For purchase deed: copy of cheques or bank transfers through which advances and price due were paid.

·         For all contracts for valuable considerations: copy of cheques or bank transfers issued in favour of brokerage companies and information relating to mediator ("visura camerale", documentation of legal representative, company's assessment).

If a company intervenes to the act is required the following documentation:

·         Up-to-date survey issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

·         Copy of the effective statute or of the most recent notarial act containing shareholders' agreements of the the company.

·         Tax number and VAT number 

·         Copy of identity card of the legal representative 

·         If present, record of resolution that allow the drawing up of the act or record of nomination with the indication of granted powers

If the estate is devolved by succession are necessary:

·         Death certificate and tax number of the testator

·         Authenticated copy with a stamp of any records of will (if not already registered)

·         Price to be declared in the act

·         If present, cadastral documents, surveys, planimetries, abstract of title or any documents connected with cadastral variations. 

·         If subsist real estate surplus subject to taxation, in the case that one intends to enjoy the usufruct of the substitute tax of 20%; specify the derived surplus or, as an option, supply the documentation (purchase price, documents that certify bore costs, such as allowed notarial fees and any charges for renovation).


In case of gifts:

·         Two witnesses, Italian citizens who can speak and write and who aren't parties' relatives.

·         Details of possible previous deeds of gift (real-estate or not) effected by the donor in favour of the donee.



·         If the edifice is subsequent to September 1976, copies of building licenses and of building permit are required.

·         Cadastral documentation related to building licenses, building permits, start of construction notifications relevant to succeeding works of renovation.

·         Copy of declaration of habitability 

·         To take advantage of primary residence facilities: buyer's certificate of residence (if the same is already domiciled in the Commune where he/she purchase) or, alternatively, employer's document which attest that the buyer works in the Municipality where he/she purchased.

·         To take advantage of facilities that concern primary residence repurchase: deed of the acquisition of the property and deed of sale of the same property (if not previous to a year). 

·         Energy Performance Certificate 

·         Declaration of systems' conformity, if it is present and if the buyer doesn't decline vendor's guarantee.


In the presence of buildings rented to third parties:

·         Copy of lease agreement

·         If the building is for commercial use: check up the directions as regards the right of pre-emption

·         If the building is for residential use: check up that hasn't given notice to the first expiry to the tenant, otherwise exists right of pre-emption in favour of the same tenant.



·         Certificate of town planning use class (Certificato di Destinazione Urbanistica/CDU), issued with a stamp by the Commune, also for lands that are business of urban buildings that cover a surface area bigger than 5.000 square meters. 

·         Agricultural areas: check that are not present direct neighbouring farmers or tenant who can exercise the right of pre-emption

·         If present, appraisal that determine the value of building areas.

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